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Kill shot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo Hack – Unlimited Gold,Bucks & Medals

Kill shot Bravo


Use Our Kill Shot Bravo hack to have unlimited gold, Bucks / cash and medals. Apply cheats for infinite ammo, energy, Auto-spotter, Slow-Mo, and Armor Piercing Bullets.Unlock new powerful weapons,including rifles for Sniper, Assault rifles, rifles and machine guns, and the gears in different categories, from head, uniforms, Body Gear,gloves, Pads and Boots. This kill Jack Bravo hack and tricks work on Android and iOS devices supported, including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad and iPod Touch Air.


Ever wanted to unlock beginning powerful weapons such as Verill MK. 8, Archer Hotshot and Zedler Bulls eye for Sniper Rifles or weapons like the shotgun featuring Midas Baron? Or you want to just upgraded max (full upgrade) your current weapon‘s ammunition, Grip, sights, barrel, muzzle, Mag size, thermal and silent (for Sniper Rifles)? Then Kill Jack Bravo hack will definitely help you, because it will give you access to an unlimited number of gold, males, and medals that you can use to increase your firepower, Total Gear Rating, and unlock Perks for your character.



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Optionally, using the kills Jack Bravo hack you can enable the exploits and mods in the game, including ammo,energy, Auto-spotter and Slow-Mo bullets Armor Piercing.You can watch the video below to see the unlimited ammo cheat in


Unlimited gold, Bucks and medals Hack and Cheats to Kill Shot Bravo


Gold is a premium currency in Kill Jack Bravo that you can use to buy weapons high range. You can also use gold to

accelerate or to the delivery of improvements of weapons of high level more quickly. In addition, gold can be used to buy or recharge energy. You can earn Gold by leveling upwards or achievements that win. Cash or Bucks is a currency of shooting kill Bravo that you can spend to buy new weapons and upgrade weapons you already own. Medals can be used to purchase gears to customize the appearance (and add benefits) to your sniper and silent.

kill Shot Bravo Hack


unlock weapons and gear for your character. Increase your total speed rating anddominate PvP. use sniper duels “kill him shooting trainer Bravo” and get unlimitedgold, male / cash and medals. You can also use it to activate the infinite energy,Ammo, Auto-spotter, Slow-Mo Bullets Armor Piercing.


Killshot  Bravo Hack Features:


  • Gold Unlimited (free Gold for Kill turns Bravo.)
  • Bucks or in cash (use the Bucks to get new weapons and upgrade your current.)Unlimited
  • Unlimited medals (fully customize and prepare your character using medals.) Increase the total speed of your character rating for free!)
  • Works for devices Android and iOS, including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad and iPod Touch Air, that is supported by some shooting Bravo kills (kill shot game Bravo must be supported and already installed on the device.)
  • Not “root” or “jailbreak” are needed to make your device work.




kill shot Bravo is a first-person action shooter (FPS) game made for mobile phones nd tablets running on Android or iOS. In this game, you are a murderer and a soldier of special forces trained. You must complete your secret missions to eliminate hostile forces that threaten to have a peaceful world. Be deployed in different places of jungles, mountains to the Mediterranean islands. Arm yourself with different weapons from Sniper Rifles, shotguns, assault rifles and machine guns and equip you with past military speeds which provide incentives or bonus effects. 


Put aside campaign Missions (where you must perform tasks on the different regions),kill shot Bravo has events and PvP. PvP allows you to cope with the wide with players from everywhere in the world in a dual from sniper live and in competition with each other to position themselves on top of the standings. Test your skills against other players or join alliances to help each other tasks complete high-risk.


kill turns Bravo also includes a “Replay Kit” feature, where you can record videos of gameplay to share with your friends and other players online. Load your weapons and the experience of one First Person Shooter like no other by playing kill shooting Bravo.


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